Nature’s Answer to Arthritis

Arthritis has affected mankind since prehistoric times, but this disease has been better understood only in the past few decades. It causes aches and pains from damaged and inflamed joints resulting in not only people being uncomfortable, but some have even become crippled as a result of this disease.

Nature’s Answer

Orthayu contains the healing agent needed to treat most arthritic problems. Its ingredients have been known to be effective in treating both rheumatoid and osteo forms of arthritis. It’s use brings relief not only from the pain, but also helps in improvement in general mobility. The improvement in these conditions is gradual, progressive and long lasting. When the pain is reduced, it brings about gradual improvement in grip strength, freedom of movement or their mobility. There is no adverse side effect of classical drug therapy. 

Orthayu contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and essential herbs that provide nutrients to the body.. Its therapeutic agents also maintain joint mobility and well-being needed to rebuild collagen and fluids found in the joints, ligaments and tendons. 

Orthayu costs Rs.2490/- where you get 3 jars of 100gms each to last you for a long time. 

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