People prone to diabetes

There is a considerable percentage of people working in office and who sits in a chair in their office almost all day to handle office work. Many of these people, always face stress due to the nature of their work, due to the prevalence of their work, due to the overarching goals. This stress may give birth to many mental ailments and also affects their health adversely day by day. Evidently it has become clear that the category of people prone to diabetes has a larger percentage among these people.


Due to busy lifestyle, many people face fatigue. Ultimately, they are unable to exercise regularly, in proper way and for sufficient time. In such people, diabetes spreads its roots, comparatively easily.

Proteins : Internal vs External

There are few genes in our body, which differentiate between internally produced proteins and proteins for which main cause is viruses, bacteria and other external agents. Under specific conditions, specific mutation of certain genes, cause substantially decreased capacity to discriminate between these protein types. This ultimately results in lapses in the immune system of the body.


In certain circumstances, these lapses cause damage to the cells that produce insulin. Adverse effects on insulin creation may result in Type 1 diabetes. The person whose parents are plagued by this disorder, chances that those mutated genes will get carried forward to their children also become high. This is the reason, why we say that diabetes may be heredity.


Obesity can also be a cause of diabetes. The primary reason behind this is obviously the sluggishness which is unavoidable attribute of obesity. This results in insufficient and irregular exercise or in other words physical activity. Also the body creates urges for excessive food. This food results in fat, causing a vicious circle. Slowly the level of sugar keeps on increasing which ultimately results in diabetes.

This article has summarized reasons why a certain section of people prone to diabetes.

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