Negative effects of alcohol on health

Drinking alcohol or consumption of alcohol through any type of liquor is an addiction that slowly ruins not only the person who drinks it, but also his/her family. Consumption of alcohol substantially increases the amount of a set of chemicals called endorphins, in the brain.

This chemical causes the brain to experience ‘All is well’ condition, which is a feeling generated by ‘Brain Reward System’. This system causes the brain to create similar situations, which leads to re-experience the similar conditions of ‘All is well’, again and again. Ultimately, this system is the culprit for addiction of alcohol.

The effects of alcohol on the body can be divided into two broad categories; short-term effects and long-term effects.

Short-term effects include mental apprehensions, reduced unrest, loss or reduction of control of many body parts, over-excitement, anxiety, , decreased levels of assessment and activities related to memory etc. General one or many results are clearly visible. The amount or frequency of these results may vary from person to person. It is possible to become insensitive, after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and to get unconscious for some time. Some of the consequences of excessive drinking carried over for long hours especially after a sleep, which is generally called ‘Hangover’. Results such as numbness, acidity, vomiting, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, lack of hunger have been noticed.

Long-term effects include permanent damage to the brain, hepatic disorders, cancer, increased fat in many parts of the body, inflammation, anemia, high blood pressure, digestive system disorders, pancreatic problems, immune system disorders, etc.

Brain-related illnesses have resulted in permanent increase in craziness, dementia,shrinkage of brain, moodiness and reduction in cognitive abilities.

Hepatitis, reduction ineffectiveness of liver functions, fatty lever etc. have been found in lever related disorders.

Rectal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, esophagus cancer, mouth cancer are some of the types of cancer scan be a result of prolonged and heavy consumption of alcohol.

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