Increasing arthritis and dietary and other habits

In today’s stressfullife, people who are too busy with their work and other activities, tend to have improper food habits. These habits keep on contributing to the development and growth of arthritis.

Many people tend to eat untimely without hunger, eat too fast and eatstale food, junk food, keep on eating throughout the day etc. On the other hand,  especially in poor category, where people may have to work very hard to earn their bread, may consume less amount of oil, ghee in the diet than the body needs, , eating unwholesome food are also improper food habits.

There are people who want to gain weight, increase body mass. They keep on eating regularly without hunger, fat rich items like ghee, almonds, cashew nuts, groundnut, milk and milk products like basundi, yogurt, shrikhand, ice-creams etc. in excessive quantity. Such people are also prone to arthritis. Drinking excessive water from the fridge, consuming rice daily at night are also participants for increase in fat, which in turn ignites arthritis.

People, who started sensingjoints pain, should not eat unless they are hungry. They should avoid heavy foods, junk foods, excessive oily food, cold drinks etc. In such cases drinking warm water and keeping the body moving throughout the day, by means of walking, doing housework may help.

Lying down or sitting whole day,long stay in front of cooler or in air-conditioned room are also contributors to arthritis. Drinking too much tea, too much quantity of fruit juice, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, stay awake till late night resulting in insufficient sleep, excessive walking etc. also can be reasons for arthritis

Arthritis gets ignited with changing climate, improper climate offline with the seasons. Absence of sunlight in summer due to cloudy climate, winter rains and excessive sunlight in rainy seasons tends to increase arthritis.

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