Best Tips for Hair Care ?

There is always body generated natural oil the root of the hair. This helps nourishing the hair. This oil at the root of the hair helps them to remain strong and black. It also protects adjacent cells and many fine veins, from environmental changes.

Now-a-days, many people shower every day by applying soap on the head. This causes elimination of natural oil at the root of hair, resulting in dry and rough hair and ultimately hair fall. Frequent and high hair fall may result in baldness or grey hair.

Hence massage with supplementary oil is necessary to maintain healthy hair. During head massage, head should be rubbed gently with own hands. Ideally massage should be done with mustard oil in winter and sesame oil in summer.

After massage, gently pull the hair with oily palms and rub at the base of the hair. Systematic stretching, rubbing the head is like giving exercise to hair roots.This exercise causes regeneration of natural oils in required quantity. As the roots become active and healthy, hair will also get thicker.

After massage hit the head with palms very gently, tilt in various angle and pull the hair slightly. With this exercise, the pores at the root of the hair, which produces natural oil, are exposed. As the blood circulation accelerates, the blood supply to the organs near the root increases. Their immune system becomes stronger. This natural oil supplements will keep the hair dark and hair fall decreases. The hair will start looking soft, thick and beautiful which in turn enhances one’s look.

Do not walk around in the open in the summer or winter. Hair must be protected from direct sunlight and dryness resulting from harmful cold.

Yogasanas like ‘Sheershasan’ and ‘Sarvangasan’,helps to keep hair and scalp healthy, as both the asanas increase blood circulation toward head. If both of these asanas are practiced on regular basisright from the young age, there are high chances that hair will remain black, healthy for years and old-age problems like hair fall, grey hair, baldness etc. will stay away for much longer duration.

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