Cosmetics and adverse effects

Not all cosmetics are good for regular use. Certain cosmetics, especially those which are formed using chemicals, can leave allergic effects on the body. This is not limited to lotions and creams only. Other cosmetic product scan create long lasting health issues as well. Here are few types of cosmetics, which can cause adverse side effects if used casually for longer period.

  1. Hair Dyes:

It is common to use hair dyes regularly to look attractive and young. Few hair dyes may contain harmful chemicals such as Phenyl-alanine-diamine. This chemical is known to generate terrible side effects. Reddening or swelling of face, irritation of scalp, face, eyes are some of the symptoms of its allergic reaction. There are examples of Cancer with long-term use of hair dyes containing this chemical.

2. Shampoo:

Excessive use of many aromatic shampoos can cause serious harm to scalp. It may also lead to hair fall and fading of hair glow.

3. Soap:

Most bathing soaps contain caustic soda. Many medicinal soaps use antibacterial substances. Generally these substances cause dryness and other skin disorders.

4. Perfumed hair oil:

Aromatic allergies can cause headaches, after use of certain perfumed hair oils.

5. Kumkum :

Using same color Kumkum matching with the dress may be a good fashion, but it may not be good from the health point of view. Gum used in these Kumkum can create allergic reactions and may lead to leucoderma if used for longer duration, ignoring allergic reactions.

6. Mascara and Fire Shadows:

As various metals are used in these cosmetics, the skin color can change forever. There is a risk of scars as well.

7. Lipstick:

Wax and color used in some of the lipsticks has shown adverse side effects.

8. Face Powder Cream:

Certain face powder can create allergic conditions like red skin, rashes, burning sensation etc.

9. Bleaching agents:

‘Bleaching’ is becoming a common technique to look fair. But many bleaching agents contain ammoniated mercury, which may cause skin irritation.

10. Nail polish:

Use of Form aldehydes in nail polish is common which can cause long lasting nail disorder and may cause eczema near eye lids.

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