*Drug Addiction : Few Facts*

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. Its main symptoms of such persons are that they become  imperative to make special efforts to get required drugs and their intense desire to consume such substances. It has been noticed that it is extremely difficult to control both these symptoms

.Long-term consumption of drugs leads to self-control threatening changes in the brain. As a result of this that person’s ability to resist the intense desire to consume drugs decreases drastically. This is the main reason why we call drug addiction as repulsive type of disease. Special treatment is required to deal with repulsiveness complications.

After consumption of most addictive drugs, dopamine is released in the brain which stimulates reward circuit of the brain.The reward circuit causes the brain to experience pleasurable sensations, which ultimately results in the strong desire to repeat that pleasurable experience by consumption of another dose of that addictive drug.

Over the time, the brain becomes used torelease and presence of excess dopamine, which in turn reduces the pleasant sensations experienced earlier from the same amount of dopamine. In order to achieve the earlier intensity of the pleasurable experience, the addicted person tends to  increase the dose of that drug.

There is no single factor which causes addiction of a particular drug. The aggregated outcome of many factors related to genetic, psychological, environmental and physical development affects nature and speed of addiction. The higher this cumulative outcome of different factors, the greater the likelihood of being addicted.

Various treatments for any such addictionare available and addiction can be controlled, and even getting rid of the same in totality is possible.

The role of family members, friends and addiction counselors is certainly important, but appropriate treatment for the required period is the key to liberation from addiction.

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