Simple Tips to Gain Weight

Though more and more people are concentrating on losing weight and become slim, it is not true for all. On the contrary there are people who are too slim and they have complex about the same. Generally, they try to gain weight by adopting different strategies, although they get little success. The reason for this failure is their improper eating habits and thus unhealthy lifestyle, which do not help to gain weight for everybody. There should be a proper balance of calories, nutrients, fats, and protein intake in your routine to gain weight and still not look fat. Here are some foods which contribute in gaining weight, provided that they are consumed in specific manner. These simple tips to gain weight are easy to follow.

1) Milk

Proteins and carbohydrates, as well as other nutrients, found primarily in milk, help in gaining weight. On an average 100 ml of milk contain around 3.4 gm of protein. provided that it will be logical to drink 2 glass of milk daily, Therefore, body will get 14 gm of protein.


2) Oats

Generally Oats are consumed in slimming diet, but it is rich in fiber which helps digestive system, hence it is logical to keep oats as a part of diet even while gaining weight. Provided that, 100 gm of oats supply 17 gm of proteins. It is also a good source of iron needed by human body.


3) Banana

It is advisable to eat bananas to increase weight as they are source of around 105 calories and instant energy required especially after exercise or any kind of exertion.


4) Potato

As a result to gain weight, body must receive proper supply of carbohydrates and potato is one of the best sources of carbohydrates available globally. However, potato is generally consumed in cooked peeled form in India. But if baked potato is consumed with skin, then it can be a good source of energy without excessive quantity of fats.


5) Soybean

However, You can include soybeans on a daily basis to get enough carbohydrates to increase your weight. Similarly, by consuming 100 grams of soybeans daily, you can get 36 grams of protein. It is beneficial to mix soybean flour in wheat flour before preparing chapatis.


6) Dry Fruits

All sorts of nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, raisins is one of the healthiest ways to gain weight. Dry fruits provide more calories and nutrients to the body than fruits.

Dry Fruits

Still if you feel that these simple tips to gain weight, are asking for a discipline to follow in terms of your diet, you should think for a supplement. Please check for suitable product in the nutrition section on this website. In case you are looking for a hindi website, you can also visit .

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