Turmeric has many benefits

Is turmeric applied on the whole body before marriage only as a religious ritual ? Such a question may have occurred to many people. But real answer to this is that, turmeric has many benefits . Let’s find out its benefits beyond the religious reasons.

Turmeric is a herb that has immediate effects on skin tone. When turmeric is mixed with mustard oil, cream and rosemary to make their traditional cosmetics, it shows its effect on the first try. In the past, home remedies of turmeric were used more and more to enhance your beauty. Everyone wants the bride and groom to look their best during the wedding. Therefore, the practice of planting turmeric on the day before the wedding has already started with the intention of exposing their beauty by planting turmeric.

To remove dead skin cells

There was no such thing as a scrub in the past. Women should use pumice stone or brick or small piece and cotton cloth as loofah. But at the time of marriage, their use to remove dead cells accumulated on the skin of the bride and groom is not considered auspicious. At that time turmeric was the only way to get rid of dead cells. That is why turmeric gained more importance and on the day before the wedding, turmeric was applied on the body of the bride and groom as a ceremony.

Best exfoliator

The best exfoliator can be made by mixing turmeric with mustard oil to remove dead cells. No one wants to make a separate exfoliator, but turmeric and mustard oil are the main ingredients in cosmetics, and both of these substances work like a powerful exfoliator. But using them can make the skin feel a little irritated. Milk, cream and rose water were mixed in to prevent this inflammation. It does not cause irritation and is also used as an exfoliator.


Turmeric is an indisputable disinfectant. This is the reason why turmeric is used as a first aid in case of injury. But Turmeric is also effective on all sorts of skin infections because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. As a result, turmeric is able to fight bacterial skin infections such as folliculitis or furuncles.

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